Osem Cookies, Petite Beurre, 8.8000-ounces (Pack of12)

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The Osem Group is a fine example of how to observe the laws of kashrut according to Halacha (Jewish religious law). For the last 13 years, the kashrut set-up in the facilities of this leading food manufacturer in Israel has been under the guidance of Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Harlap, the corporation’s Rabbi. The laws of kashrut are meticulously applied throughout the production procedure of thousands of different items, manufactured in production plants throughout Israel and the world. The kashrut supervision set-up ensures that the system functions properly in all areas pertaining to kashrut throughout the production process. This set-up which operates in a professional and scrupulous manner ensures that every kashrut-observant Jew can enjoy Osem-Nestle products anywhere in the world without any need for concern.

Delicious, buttery cookies serves as a great snack anytime
Great with your favorite meats and spreads
No food coloring
Kosher parve
Product of Israel

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