Oh! Nuts Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Lollipops Strawberry & Cream Swirl | Valentine Hard Candy Suckers in Bulk 1 Lb…

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When love is in the air, things taste sweeter. And Oh! Nuts offers these really sweet (and richly cherry flavored) Luvs Pops. Our substantial lollipops are not thin lollipops that are gone 1, 2, 3. Rather, they are rounded, plump heart candy pillows which will keep party goers (and little tyke’s mouths) busy with experiencing the rich sweetness of these quality candies. Great lollies to use as party favors. Fill up your candy jars with these red, pretty heart pops. Hand them out as reward or incentives and show the love with these cherry pops. Throw these heart pops are bride and groom (replacing the rice as a bridal confetti). Whether you are ordering these heart favor pops for the family snack cache, to use for a large party gathering or for your classroom use (as the teacher with the sweetest incentives), Oh! Nuts offers you these lollipops either in a family-friendly one-pound sack or in bulk by the case. Oh! Nuts, we love offering sweet candies at discount. Spread the love far and wide, with our delicious Love Lollies.

DELIGHTFUL HEART LOLLIPOPS IN BOLD RED COLOR: This one-pound bag contains strikingly delicious cherry flavored heart-shaped pops in a vibrant red color. These gourmet candies are the perfect party favor or give-away for Valentine’s Day.
ATTENTION TO DETAIL FOR OLD-FASHIONED GOODNESS: Our red love pops are made of delicious ingredients, processed carefully and undergo a quality test before packaging, ensuring you can experience a flavor-rich, wonderfully tasty lollipop.
HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS ARE ALWAYS MET: Here at Oh! Nuts, our certified kosher products are made in the U.S., meeting high quality standards. Also, the candy is vegan (with no dairy or meat additives) as well as gluten- and peanut-free.
SPREAD THE SWEETNESS, SHARE THE LOVE: Order several bags of these cherry lollies to hand out at school or camp, in the office, a bank or at home for your family party. Kids and adults love these individually wrapped, heart-shaped pops.
LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, THAT’S WHAT WE BELIEVE: Our warehouse is stocked with the finest candy confections to celebrate life’s mouth-popping moments with all your heart. These lollipops are easy to order and delivered right to your door.

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